Recordings will be available within 5 days of each session.

Aprenderemos a utilizar el método de la Dra. Chhabra, una novedosa y sumamente eficiente manera de llevar la entrevista con el propósito de llegar al fondo de lo que llamamos “el estado” del paciente donde reside la fuente más profunda de sanación.

Empezaremos por el entendimiento de la relación entre la homeopatía y los circuitos neurológicos y su rol crucial en la salud, según los descubrimientos más recientes de la neurociencia. Seguiremos aprendiendo a reconocer las palabras que vienen directamente de la “materia fuente” en cada paciente y a identificar el mejor remedio homeopático que sale de la confluencia entre las palabras provenientes de “la materia fuente” y las palabras del “estado individual”. Analizaremos varios casos como ejemplos y discutiremos los casos que los participantes deseen compartir.

About Natasha

Natasha Despotovic is a Council Certified Homeopath, CCH, RSHom(NA), with offices in the Washington DC metro area, USA, and online services around the world.

Natasha has finished her homeopathy studies at the New York School of Homeopath. She has been working with Dr. Chhabra’s method of Leap to the similimum for the last eight years and is honored to be part of her international teachers’ team.

Due to her lifelong interest in wellness and holistic wellbeing, she has also taken part in numerous wellness and spiritual educational programs. She has been trained in yoga philosophy and practice, meditation, and Ayurveda by the Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA, and the Shanti Yoga Center, Bethesda, MD. She has studied internationally, in Europe, Latin America, and the US, and in a very wide range of disciplines and healing arts: Kundalini yoga, Hatha, Iyengar and Anusara yoga, Sufi spirituality, the Fourth Way, Reiki, Tantra, Foot Reflexology, Group Psychotherapy and Transcendental Meditation.

Natasha speaks seven languages and works with patients in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Croatian, and Dutch.

Her previous professional experience ranges from teaching, linguistics, translation and interpretation, film production, hotel management, architecture and interior design to public relations and marketing, book publishing, writing, international affairs, international development, film festival production and non-profit management.

She brings all these previous educational and professional experiences to her work with homeopathy patients.

She is a blessed owner of a small hotel property in the Dominican Republic, Villa Serena that she designed and built twenty-five years ago, and that is currently managed by a very enthusiastic and capable team. Together with her husband Bill Dennis, who also works in the area of health, she periodically leads wellness retreats within its beautiful premises.

Contact information:

Session Four

Wednesday, 28th April,2021
Time – 10:30 AM EDT, 8 PM IST, 11:30 AM (Argentina), 3:30 AM (Spain)

Session Three

Wednesday, 14th April,2021
Time – 10:30 AM EDT, 8 PM IST, 11:30 AM (Argentina), 3:30 AM (Spain)

Session Two

Thursday, 31st March,2021
Time – 10:30 AM EDT, 8 PM IST, 11:30 AM (Argentina), 3:30 AM (Spain)

First Session

Thursday, 17th March,2021
Time – 9:30 am EST/ 8 PM IST