Know more about Dr. Shraddha Kedia

Since her graduation in 2010 she has put her heart and soul in the practise of Homeopathy. She is one of the senior most doctors on the team. And juggles her time with her own flourishing practise and the ever increasing demands at our clinic with admirable ease.

Efficiency, diagnostic acumen and precise homeopathic case taking are a given.

What often makes her stand apart is her speed. You will see her often walking from one room to the other with a swift gait and a rapid speech which are only attempting to keep pace with her brilliant mind.

The rapidity of her thought chain allows her to multitask and yet absorb every iota of information given by the patient. This is backed up by a sharp memory recall that sometimes puts our computer hard drive to shame.

Her abiding fascination for human nature causes her to devour books on psychology .

This with her innate ability of lateral thinking allows her to sidestep the emotion, the intellect and explore the unconscious.

Crisp yet sympathetically warm, motherly scolding yet youthful bubbliness mirrors her diet. crisp chips , terrible sour candies on one side and yet corn, fruits and salad on the other side.

This portrait of her is incomplete without her bright , warm colours she fills in the background of the beautiful canvases she creates.

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1Sunday, 27th June,2021Click HereClick Here
2Sunday, 25th July,2021Click HereClick Here
3Sunday, 26th August,2021Click HereClick Here
4Sunday, 26th September,2021Click HereClick Here
5Sunday, 31st October, 2021Click Here

All sessions were held at 5 PM IST/ 6:30 AM EST/3:30 AM PDT/12:30 PM CET/ 11:30 AM FOR UK