Dr Divya’s Introduction lecture -leap to the Similimum held at the “school of homeopathy”

How often have we said, “I don’t know why I got irritated with the traffic today? Maybe I got up from the wrong side of the bed this morning”. An illogical explanation for an illogical ‘state’.

Disease pathology and unhealthy patterns of behavior stem from an embedded pattern in early childhood.

We thought, until now, that the emotions felt at some key childhood moments, are the root cause of the disease state.

But we know now, that it is the UNCONSCIOUS PERIPHERAL STIMULI, present during an emotional event of childhood that becomes the REAL DEEP, UNCONTROLLABLE AND UNRATIONALISABLE TRIGGER OF DISEASE.

Through Hahnemann, Pavlov, Ader & Candace Pert, join us to see how our outer symptoms can be traced to that deepest core, of the origin of the state, thus allowing to emerge the absolute Bull’s eye Similimum.

her work is the “Leap to the Similimum” method she practises today.

Recording Available.